In the First Great War, the Humans suffered a decisive blow to their capital Vaktavar by the Kuroc. After this event, the capital needed to be rebuild for many years. Before the cataclysm, the Humans lived by an imperative caste principle putting magic above all ordinary people. This structure resolved after Vaktavar was destroyed again and the remaining tribes separated.





Today, the Humans are dispersed and need to secure new trade routes and resources to guarantee their survival. The Humans of Vaktavar are about to go to war against the Kuroc once again.





The Humans are divided into several kingdoms and form a council from these. Aware that they belong to the physically weaker races, they act as a unity. They are the sole people to still worship the Gods and have established several cults around those. There is a very strong idol behaviour. By trying to copy recognized idols or by demosntrating great ability, people can achieve higher ranks in society. Commonly, the Humans are sexually diverse. In different circles, there are different approaches to preserving the species.





→ Naiv

→ Religious

→ Fickle

→ Proud





The fauna cannot easily be specified as the Humans are dispersed on many individual islands. Yet, they use their architectural knowledge to shape their environment and make the most of it.





The Humans use a very sturdy forging technique to produce their armour for war. Sorcerers are trained specifically for war and are used purposefully. Their strategy is a tactical interplay of mass power and support. The Humans are most dangerous if their formation cannot be broken.


Swamp near Skite
Swamp near Skite