There are two different ways of playing creature cards:



  1. To play a creature offensive your Level has to be at least the same or above the Level of the creature. Each player starts at Level one. You level up each time you receive five damage.
  2. The fighting power of the creatures is represented by Stamina and Force. Stamina is the damage and the life of the creature. Stamina is used for combat between two creatures or fortifications. Force is only used when a creature attacks a player and represents the damage dealt to the player.




  1. To play a creature as support you need to have the needed Spirit available. Each player starts the game with one Spirit, which increases each round until the maximum of five spirits is reached.
  2. In order to play a card as support for another creature, the card needs to be dragged onto the offensive creature.
  3. Beneath the Spirit is the Supportvalue of the creature. When played as support, the Stamina of the supported offensive creature is increased by the Supportvalue.




  • The fortifications are the cards on both sides of the player on the field. They can be activated when the needed resources are available by double clicking them. Once they are activated they have a passive effect - but they can be attacked and destroyed by enemies.
  • Currently all spells are level one and only need the spirit in order to be played. They can also be played by double clicking.
  • In the beginning of the game each player can once choose any cards in his hand which are replaced after clicking the “SwapCard” button.
  • Whenever a creature dies, the owner suffers one damage.



Enjoy the game, sincerely your Rugon-Team :)