The Kuroc have always been a very temperamental people and thus, quite susceptible to the manipulations of the Gods. They have a high appreciation for their women as it was a woman, who guided them through the first war. To some extent, they are equally to blame for the downfall of the Thanarysh. The faith of the Kuroc was compromised throughout the centuries. After the First Great War, they were chosen to be the guardians of the Sigil. Knowing about the Sigil turned them into nonbelievers. If they should believe nevertheless, they believed in the existence of the three Ancient Dragons.





 At present, the Kuroc are a branded people. Their capital was broken in two and they failed their mission to protect the Sigil. The Kuroc hold the Humans responsible for those tragic events and accuse them of betrayal. That is why they wage a trench war against them around the great river. The new Kuroc leader is determined to re-establish the old splendour of his people by regaining control of former lands and by advancing their technologies. He does not care about what others think of him.





The strongest one leads. If one wants to attain leadership, he has to face an unarmed fight against the current leader. The fight ends either by surrender or death. A surrender will be highly respected since it is reagrded as an act of accepting the superior strength of the opponent and of overcoming one's own pride. Death, on the other hand, is considered a disgrace and can cause dishonour and exclusion of a family if they cannot prove themselves worthy. A family forms with the birth of a child. Monogamy before the birth of a child is rare. A Kuroc child grows up with the father as a trainer and the mother as a teacher. Right from the start, you have to prove yourself. Pity is neither expected nor given. A Kuroc who shows a sign of weakness will be excluded and ridiculed. Despite their pronounced individualism, Kuroc are solidary and proud of their people. This pride is fuelled by the shared greed for more physical as well as technological power.





→ Proud

→ Confident

→ Hot-headed

→ Honest





Their capital, split in two, is located at the volcano Sev. Few smaller towns exist at the swamp or in the great forest.





Kuroc are honest fighters and eager to show their abilities. They aggressively pursue whatever it is they want. In war, Kuroc want to get immediate results. They do not focus on strategic superiority, instead, they trust in their technological and individual strength. Their armour is a rough but efficient smith work. Their heavy weapons enable them to end a one-to-one conflict with a single blow so that they can quickly attack the next opponent.


Secret Entrace to Kartrak
Secret Entrace to Kartrak