Early History


The first war evolved around the issue of regulating the powers held by the chosen guardians. The Gods became defiant and wanted to test the boundaries of their powers. Envious of the godlike nature of the Thanarysh, the Gods tried to wipe them out by spreading grudge among the mortal people.


Two wars began among the great civilisations of the world. On one front, Kuroc and Humans fought between Vaktavar and Sev. On the other front, Zaari and Thanarysh fought each other. Meanwhile, the three gods Riri, Flach and Smart had created the Nikrogg, a completely new race, to destroy the kingdom of the Thanarysh once for all. It was assumed that they entirely vanished. Vaktavar was completely destroyed, though the human people reclaimed it with a great counter offensive. It took many years to rebuild the city. The war was ended by the intervention of the three Ancient Dragons, who also exiled the Nikrogg in the following. Thereafter, these unnatural beings were to starve in non-existence.


As a consequence, the presumptuous Gods forfeited parts of their powers. They were imprisoned by the Sigil of the Six deep inside the mountain Sev located at the earth core centre. The process of reconstruction was prolonged by the savage people (dwarfs, orcs, trolls, soras et cetera).




The war was initiated by the god Smart, who thought the Sigil of the Six must be broken to stabilse the world. The Ancient Dragons were involved but seemed cautious about an ultimate decision considering their long absence from Rugon. The divergent opinions lead to a long-lasting war over the mountain Sev. The Humans and Kuroc defended Mt. Sev, whereas Zaari and Thanarysh pushed a siege. The Nikrogg had been released again and also attacked the mountain. This time, the savage people joined the war but changed sides constantly, as they were manipulated. The Humans suffered great losses and were flanked at Vaktavar, therefore the legionary commanders decided to abandon the war on the mountain and save their people at home. At the battle of Vaktavar, the elder Karamis irrefutably became a war hero in gratitude for his devoted leadership and almost single-handed defence of the palace. In the meantime, the battle at the mountain escalated and the Ancient Dragons finally opened the Sigil with their blood. Yet, the ritual was not performed properly and the all too rapid liberation caused a cataclysm. This cataclysm was so enormous that the complete destruction of Rugon could only be prevented by the fusion of several worlds.


Recently, a war for natural resources has broken out between the Humans and the Kuroc, as the Kuroc feel betrayed and blame the Humans for the destruction of Mt. Sev.