The Thanarysh are the most ancient beings of this world. They have witnessed every event and cannot die by ageing.

Because of their powers, they were perceived as a threat by the Gods that is why they lost their kingdom during the First Great War. Thereafter, the Thanarysh would live in the subterranean and in seclusion almost anywhere around the world. The catacombs of their destroyed capital became their new home. The Thanarysh lived in such isolation that nobody knew they still existed until the Second Great War. Not until they had to come to the rescue of the Sigil, did they rise from the dark and gathered to claim their rightful place in the world.





Today, the capital of the Thanarysh, Cacilo, is under reconstruction and the world knows that the Thanarysh still exist. Yet, they are the smallest of the four advanced civilizations. With new-found courage and confidence, the North is expected to become yet again the territory of the Thanarysh.





The society of the Thanarysh is based on the principle of the elder. The older you are the broader your experience and thus great respect will be bestowed on you. However, there is an electoral principle, which allows withdrawing the privileges of an eldest. This procedure will be summoned in case of discordance among them.

The Thanarysh seldom appear in their original shape only to inspire awe and fear. Because they are a calm and peaceful people, they strive to resolve conflicts with words and are keen for discussing even the smallest issues. It is not unusual for such discussions to last a few years considering that Thanarysh have no sense of time.

The Thanarysh are not organized in families. For a new Thanarysh to come into being, a discussion will be initiated by the council. The common opinion is that a new Thanarysh cannot be easily integrated because of his youthful mind that is why there have been no new Thanarysh for many centuries.





→ Calm

→ Wise

→ Peaceful

→ Conservative





Cacilo is surrounded by a bleak tundra. Vegetation is scarce and weather conditions sever. Various spells protect Cacilo from the harshness of the storms.





Thanarysh are very resilient, persistent fighters. With repeated magical attacks and deliberate confusion, the battle is manipulated to the advantage of the Thanarysh. Thanarysh are survivalists and thus, do not bank on mass power.

The armour depends on the current shape of a Thanarysh. In general, Thanarysh can petrify their skin, which functions as an armour adjustable at all times. Consequently, every armour is tailored to its user.

At war, Thanarysh use their nerve-racking persistence to slowly devour their enemy’s army. They aim to put continuous pressure on their enemy while keeping losses at a low.


Thanarysh Blockade after the first great war
Thanarysh Blockade after the first great war