The Nikrogg are living beings, who have been created by the Gods during the First Great War to destroy the Thanarysh. After they had been stopped by the Ancient Dragons, the Nikrogg went into exile. Not until the destruction of the Sigil during the Second Great War could they return.





Currently, the Nikrogg are roaming the lands like a swarm to find living beings they can feed on to survive. The insular structure of the world complicates this and the Nikrogg struggle to adjust to these conditions.





The Nikrogg are solely governed by the instinct to survive as a race. To preserve their race, they need to steal lives. The Nikrogg do not practice a traditional reproduction method, instead, they use the stolen lives and their own vital energy to create new beings. The Nikrogg act like one intelligence so that the knowledge of one is instantaneously shared with all.





→ Arrogant

→ Determined

→ Ravenous





The environment of the Nikrogg in transit constantly changes but is adjusted to their needs by building nests and dens. Those buildings also serve to progress their evolutionary continuance. Nikrogg prefer fruitful lands and avoid deserts and mountains.





The Nikrogg do not have any smiths and therefore no armour. By changing their natural exoskeleton and their general shape, they are able to adjust to the battles as required.

This peculiarity explains their wave-like attack strategy. They try to learn about their enemy with every attack to then adjust their following wave attack to the enemy’s tactical scheme.


Nikrogg-Typ: Visor
Nikrogg-Typ: Visor