Over the centuries, Zaari perfected their self-sufficiency and their social system. They are constantly prepared to answer the dragons’ commands. Being content with their achievements, they lived their lives in the desert undisturbed by any enemies.

The two great wars caused a disruption of this peace. After the first war, the Zaari became more cautious and broke off contact with the Gods. The second war resulted in the dispersion of the tribes.





Today, the Zaari are a broken people trying to reshape and survive as individual groups while figuring out an effective protection scheme.





Zaari tribes follow a monarchic structure with one governing family in power. Those monarchs form a people’s council. They organize migrations, trade cycles and hunting behaviour. The Zaari society is based on a very strict distribution of roles: Hunter, gatherer, butcher, cooks etc. Roles are determined already during adolescence. Once a child has found its animal companion, the elder can discern the child’s destiny. Families are conscious partnerships. Often, sympathies can be determined by the behaviour of the animal companions. The long lifespan of the Zaari allows them to be very educated and ecosensitive. They chose a nomadic lifestyle not because it was necessary but because it served their protective needs better.

Every year at the gathering of the tribes, the camps are specifically positioned to guarantee maximum protection in case of danger. The positioning of the camps indicates the current phase the tribes are in. Knowing their desert from head to toe, Zaari take a mid-year break yet, their actual mission is to keep the desert creatures calm, who live underneath the sand. The outer tribes take care of the defense.





→ Wary

→ Eccentric

→ Exceptional hunters

→ Intelligent





The environment of the Zaari naturally depends on their latest abode. Before the collapse of the worlds, the Zaari lived in the desert and left it only to hunt. However, after the collapse, they were dispersed around the world and built settlements in various faunae. Still, the Zaari are trying to find a way back into their beloved desert.





The Zaari combat strategy is based on their hunting approaches. With their animal companions and magic, they cause much uproar and influence the battle to their favour. By controlling the events, they achieve victory and efficiently so. They are quick to see through strategies and to manoeuver around the opponent's schemes. As a rule, they try to avoid battles that they cannot control. Zaari armours and weapons are designed to ensure agility. Seldomly, you will cross a Zaari cladded in a heavily built armour.


mysterious desert city
mysterious desert city