The Races


The five colours of our logo symbolise the five races, which are in conflict with each other. A deck consists of race-specific cards and neutral cards, which can be played in combination with any race. The ratio can be chosen freely. The individual races possess different gameplay characteristics.





Humans are fighters of medium strength with solid strategic capabilities. They also have the opportunity to impact the events with spells. The human race was conceived following the idea that they will unfold their maximum strength through team play. The individual people are supposed to support each other and thus defeat the opponent as a unit.





The Kuroc are strong and fair solitary fighters, who constantly re-boost themselves. Key properties are the strength of the individual and the anger-fuelled drive. In combat, they are aided by the Kuroc technology, which is used sporadically but effectively.





The Zaari live in close communion with nature and every Zaari has an animal companion. This pairing is essential to the Zaari style of play. Consequently, the Zaari magic is related to nature and incantations of creatures and elemental beings.





The Thanarysh are an timeless, morphing people, who focus on controlling the game. Their enhanced intelligence manifests in their strong magical skills, which urge their opponents to desired moves. Illusion and deception are the basis of their combat style. Thanarysh spells manipulate other players and their resources.





The Nikrogg race are powerful demonic insects, who use their chitinous exoskeleton as weapons and armor. They feed on the energy of other living beings, so that upon their arrival death commonly follows. As a consequence of their superiority, they often are allocated disadvantageous features that need to be compensated.